Dr. Richard Colo, OD

In the 46 years that Dr. Colo has been in practice in CT, he has created a unique specialty niche related to shooting that has drawn both national and international shooters to his practice. Rich has developed a system of dominance evaluation that has been accepted as the benchmark among some of the nation’s top instructors. His role is not that of shooting instructor; rather, it is to maximize the visual efficiency needed to complement proper shooting mechanics.  


His passion for his profession and favorite avocation are infectious to all who seek his counsel.


See Your Way to Better Shooting

Most shooters usually come to me because they are having trouble seeing the target.  In most cases, there is a problem that falls into one or both of these categories:  Eye Health and/or Eye Function.  My job is to evaluate these areas thoroughly and, with that information, put the shooter in the best position to have visual control of the target.  Visual control is the vehicle that allows the shooter to “let” the shot happen rather than “make” the shot happen.

-Dr. Richard Colo